Our Story

We have been breeding Goldendoodles since 2007.  Our first litter was with Zoe (F1) and Moose (F1).  They had 10 (F2) puppies and one of the little girls became one of our family - Abby.  Zoe had two more litters before we retired her from breeding.  Abby became the next to have puppies and she was bred back to a standard poodle - together they had a litter of F3Bs.  One little girl from that litter, Aurelia "Ray", stayed in the family.  She became the next breeder and had her first litter of fourth generation doodles on November 4th, 2016.  The pick of this litter was Sunshine and she is 2 years old now and is so sweet.  She lives with my parents - Jennifer and Ron Williams.  They are taking back over the breeding of our line until our girl Archer turns two.  Sunshine and Ned are the parents of our Spring 2019 litter.  Go to our Ma & Pa page to learn more about them!