About the Dam


Aurelia is a red F3b Goldendoodle with a sweet, silly personality. She loves her humans with all of her heart and shows it in each and every snuggle 🙂

She loves to play in her backyard with her chickens, people watch at the park with her boy, and sit for tasty snacks!

She has a very curly coat that is non-shedding and weighs 65 lbs.


About the Sire



Harley is a handsome, light cream, English F1 Goldendoodle. He is a good-natured and inquisitive boy with a silky-soft coat.

When we met Harley, we knew he would be perfect for the role! He was very friendly and eager to meet us and Aurelia. They were immediate friends! Most of all, we loved Harley's sweetheart personality and his relaxed demeanor.

Harley has a Low-shed, very curly coat and weighs 65 lbs.