moose and ned

About the Dam

Sunshine "Sunny"

Sunny is a golden cream F4 (multigen) Goldendoodle with a sweet, silly personality. She loves her humans with all of her heart and shows it in each and every snuggle 🙂

She loves to play in her yard with her chickens, ducks, goose, cats, grandma Abby, and sit for tasty snacks!  She is a toy lover and is an awesome retriever.

She adores her big sweetheart Ned.  They do everything together - play, eat, swim, and snuggle up for sleeping.

She has a loose curly coat that is non-shedding and weighs 65 lbs.

ned at shop
ned puppy

About the Sire


(CKC - Lord Ned Stark of Ball Ground)


Ned is a handsome, dark golden, English F1 Goldendoodle. He is a good-natured and inquisitive boy with an old soul.

When we met Ned he was 8 wks old, but we knew he would be perfect for the role of Dad to our future litters! He was very friendly, laid back and eager to meet us.  He had a big smile on his face and gave sweet kisses.  When he came home and met our Sunshine they were immediate friends! Most of all, we loved Ned's sweetheart personality and his relaxed demeanor.

He loves to take Sunshine's toys and run around the house playing keep away!  He enjoys running beside the 4 wheeler and never passes up an opportunity for a car ride.  He spends most days in our pet boutique in Ball Ground welcoming our customers.  He LOVES kids and babies.  He will hear their sweet little voices and seek them out in the shop.  He is so very tolerant of their exuberant admiration and enjoys every minute of it!

Ned has a Low-shed, wavy coat and weighs 85 lbs.